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Chandler Tully by RPGFamily Chandler Tully by RPGFamily
The amazing scientist and Nobel prize winning Ghostbuster is Chandler Tully. Although his father is quite goofy his mother was a real genius, it’s obvious were he adopted his intellect. Although he has spent years in the realm of science he only found true happiness in Ghostbusting, which he learned about on Career day. He took Egon Spengler and his nephew Ed Spengler on as mentors and has decide to direct the Tokyo Japan Ghostbusters franchise.

It’s Dr. Egon Spenglers thought that since Japan is home to so many people who possess skills in the martial arts that go way beyond human understanding , that the protection grid of the universe is greatly weakened there. Which means that the gateway between the Human Universe and the Great Beyond is actually opening. According to Egon that is the reason for creating the Tokyo Japan branch, which Chandler Tully has agreed to run.

So with Proton Pack strapped to his back and a open gateway to the great beyond Chandler and a few of his friends have migrated to Japan. They alone will face the world that simply can’t be explained, the world most human beings don’t want to know about. As Ghostbusting Legend Peter Venkman used to say “Sometimes, shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who are you going to call?” That is the motto that Chandler Tully lives by.

So why is Chandler Tully getting involved, perhaps he’s here to save the world… again?


“Upgraded Proton Pack Attacks” the proton pack has so many new advantages to choose from with various effects. (1 Triangle Per Use)

“Blaster Boson Dart” Stronger Proton Beam (15 Damage)
“Meson Collider Overload Pulse” Homing Protonic Blasts (10 Damage)
“Slime Tether” Binds the Target with Slime (No Damage - Saving Throw Vs. Grapple Opponent & Wrestling Techniques)
“Stasis Stream Shock Blast” Proton Beam that Freezes the target in Ice (No Damage)

“Cross the Streams” when Ghostbusters cross the streams they cause total protonic reversal, which could destroy the universe. (must have 2 Ghostbusters to use, 25 Damage Per Triangle and Per Ghostbusters Proton Stream)
*If no other Ghostbuster is present these 5 Triangles can also be used for the Upgraded Proton Pack Attacks Signature*

“Gadgeteering” as a Nobel Prize winner Chandler Tully can create many useful machines and upgrades for things in a matter of minutes. (1 Triangle Per Invention - takes 5 melee round to build - all inventions require the DM’s approval before creating and or using them)
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